Winchester 1873 side plate

Schematic ID# 331. On the side plate is marked ” 24 Atlanta Police”. Hold the screw at an angle and use it as a lever to raise the back of the side plate. F. WINCHESTER 1873 DELUXE 357MAG 1/2 OCTAGON 24 2018 SHO STOCK Grade V/VI walnut; Shotgun butt plate - FEATURES Top tang is drilled and tapped for optional peep Winchester 1873 safety catch spring #238-7394-3. 45, Part # 123 Side Plate Screw Charcoal Blue 240123B + $3. 44/40 — a . , AKA . 22 Rifle,1873,1876, 1886, 1892. And this plate can come off allowing you to do a lot of field maintenance without having to take the entire gun apart or remove the lever screw itself. The gun is in rough shape but is still fully functional. There is a small rectangular metal plate at the butt which is easily seen. The longest barrel length known on a Model 1873 is 37 inches . Fits the 3rd Models only - Rifle, Carbine and Muskets. The Model 1897 was an evolution of the Winchester Model 1893 designed by John Browning . Case Hardened Winchester 1873 . Most finish is an aged brown/grey. Patina is brownish grey. Why does it need to be tuned is my first question. Click on a red number to view more information on that item and to add that factory part to your shopping cart. 00; 1 x #2 - U0240002 . Often known as “the gun that won the west,” handling and beholding the 1873 Short Rifle conjures images of cowboys, campfires, cattle drives on horseback, and good guys saving the day. Unfortunately, it was added in the wrong place. While the item may be priced similarly Machine rough inlet walnut replacement stock for Winchester-Uberti Model 1873, 73 and 1866, 66 lever-action rifles. got a 1873 SRC with a serial no. EP2225 Rear Sight Stevens Favorite . $18. That's why the 1873 has a lever safety, to prevent the trigger from being pulled until the links are locked. 44-40. 45 calibre weapons saw the introduction of the Springfield Trapdoor rifle in . 73 Right Side Plate, Brass. The below photos show a poorly designed front scope mount. This rifle remains in fine condition with 80%-90% original blue finish fading slightly with minor losses at edges and right side of the frame. 3904 Side Plate, Right, W Spring Cover. 240 head diam. 22 than any other caliber (and this is a . With the side plate off, study the linkage. Winchester Factory Parts . Well the day finally came. Winchester 1873 - lever action rifle The Winchester 1873 was a significant improvement over existing lever guns, but marketing was key. It utilizes a drilled/tapped top tang, polished buled steel receiver, and a Grade III/IV walnut stock with crescent butt plate. Winchester 1873 First Model "1 of 1000" Rifle . The action has some design similarities to Mauser designs and it is a development of the earlier Winchester Model 54. Could use a good cleaning. The set screw would not hold, even with loctite past four or five shots. Contact us with what your individual needs are and we will create an invoice that includes shipping that you can then pay online with your credit card or debit card. SN 75600. You will find the engraving exceptional. It is unusual to identify the owner of any Winchester rifle. In very good overall original condition, this 3rd Model 1873 rifle bears serial #164001A. Winchester 534259137 1873 Deluxe Sporter Top tang is drilled and tapped for optional peep sight; Side plates receiver lever forearm cap and butt plate all color Description: Winchester's Model 1873 Deluxe Sporter is a leaver action rifle which features a polished blued barrel that is button rifled and half octagon/half round. Nice figure in the bottom of the forend. The side plates have a clip on 1 end that is on the inside. Will work on all Caliber 1873 Rifles. Nov 05, 2019 · But, unltimately, I sense that I'll probably want to upgrade to a Uberti 1873 or a Winchester 1873 eventually, and that's why I'm trying to educate myself on short stroking/tuning, etc, so I can possibly have those improvements done on a Uberti or a Winchester by an expert, etcUnfortunately, Steve of Steve's Gunz, has a one year backlog 1873 was a good year for guns in the Old West. This one has as much interest as it does visual appeal, and you’ll be the only one around with a Winchester 1873 on the Mantle – FIRST MODEL! Mar 31, 2006 · Hoosier Gun Works, Dealing in gun parts, 100000 gun parts, 2000 gun stocks, 1000 magazines, 500 barrels. barrel/magazine holder, fore end grip cap, are all brass colored. . SCARCE INSCRIBED HALF NICKEL WINCHESTER MODEL 1873 LEVER ACTION RIFLE. Cody JR” (his Civil War veteran father was S. Bore is fair to good. Wood is excellent. Serial # XXXXX with Cody confirms the configuration. WINCHESTER 1873 SIDE Plate Set Right and Left Matching 3rd Model - $99. 00. The '73 Winchester became one of Winchester's most famous models ever and ultimately became known as "The Gun that Won the West. Early Winchester Model 1873 Rifle with 30" Barrel This is an a fairly decent old frontier-used Model 1873 Winchester rifle as it came from a town near the end of the Oregon trail. Cart Jun 01, 2006 · The legend “One of One Thousand” is engraved in all caps on the top of the barrel, behind the rear sight. Stocks are intentionally cut oversized and maybe cut generic to fit several other different models of the same gun. Winchester 88 and 100 Stocks . Ve más ideas sobre Armas caseras, Armas de fuego y Armas. Hi all, am new to the site as well as to collecting. Both Indians brothers fired their 38 WCF Nov 20, 2018 · I. Like all in those orders, they will letter as standard rifles in caliber 44-40 with octagon barrels, special order sling swivels, and have factory engraving on the left side plate that reads "Atlanta Police" followed by a rack or inventory number. . It arrived after my 1873 even though I chose and secured the 1866 first. Nice factory sights. Mark where the strings meet, unfold, and measure the length. 44 WCF. This only fits rifles that have a serial number below 90,000. There were 125 of these and they were marked so. based in Calcutta, India. /TO/BILL GERMAYNE/-GUIDE-/OF THE YELLOWSTONE" inscribed on the left side plate, sling swivels on the forearm cap and Winchester Winchester 1873 side plate screw, new style . WINCHESTER 1873 SIDE Plate Set Right and Left Matching 1st & 2nd Model - $128. 1 x #73 - U0240073 Right Side Plate +$55. ” The Model 1873 was chambered in a new more powerful cartridge the . 4. Made in 1878. The model 1873 was originally available as a carbine, rifle or musket, but the latter does not appear among Uberti’s listing in the latest Henry Krank catalogue. 99. just started building my collection and acquiring varying Winchester models. When a "loose block" tightens down, it pushing up on the right side of the mount at an angle. Left side of lock plate marked "PATENTS May 3 1864 May 7 June 11 Nov 12 Dec 24 Dec 3 1872 Sept 9 1873", top of barrel marked "…N Y" obscured by additional rear sight, underside of barrel […] Rare, third model 44-40 carbine with 20" barrel, two barrel bands, distinct butt plate, and saddle ring mounted on left side. From shooting skeet with your friends, to hunting wild game, the Winchester 21 Side By Side ShotGuns are great ShotGuns to have. In Spectacular condition with 99% blue on barrel and 95% bright case colors, including butt plate and forend cap. M. Aug 13, 2014 · Now, in collaboration with Winchester and Turnbull Restorations, Navy Arms has in production, and delivery, a new generation of 1873 rifles with features and finishes not seen on any other production 1873 rifle. 38-40 Win. 1873 Plate Side Winchester Model Set 3rd Left and Right Matching Matching Right and 1873 Set 3rd Plate Left Winchester Side Model 1873 Closed 3 and 1873 Open 3 Indian Head Cent Penny - Both! - Well Matched Nice 1873 Closed 3: $119. 44 WCF (44-40) SN 72824. Lift the side plate from the screw end and disengage the clip on the other end. Winchester “One of One Hundred” M1873 rifle: left side of action. Winchester Rifle Parts, Colt Single Action Parts. for sale by DON DAUGHENBAUGH on GunsAmerica - 921744704 Aug 24, 2017 · Breaking down the Winchester 1873. 22 Caliber Model 1873 with a 24" octagon barrel, with a full magazine. Winchester Model 1873 Sporter. Title: Side plate RIGHT Winchester 1873 Gun Parts antique firearms, Winchester, Marlin, Remington Jimenez, Bryco Jennings, Buttplates, Barrels, Sights, Screws Description: This is a new Right side plate for the Winchester 1873 second and third model. 00 Add to cart; Winchester 1892 Lever Action 44WCF Bolt. Most of the original piano finish is present on the stock and forearm. To remove the left (top) side plate after removing the two screws, you may have to use the side plate screw. Palmer, the left side-plate with an oval vignette depicting a hunter and stag scene in a woodland setting, traces of gilt finish, the side-plates and dust Winchester Model 1873 38/40 Cal. Several features of the Model 1873 are what set it apart over 140 years ago, and still make it a very cool rifle to shoot today. This will expose the toggle link action. Has any pard determined the maximum effective range of An Uberti Winchester 1873 shooting factory . Product Family #: 1004565832 Smith & Wesson Magazine S&W M&P22 22 Long Rifle 10-Round Stainless Steel. ” Cancel reply. Once you pull that screw out this plate comes off. Newest Products. The action comes apart without removing any screws or pins. Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifles: 1873 - 1919 The Winchester Repeating Arms Company introduced the model 1873 lever action repeating rifle the same year that the model reflects. 262A New   2018 - Explora el tablero de estradavillavic "winchester 1873" en Pinterest. These were Winchester designed rifle cartridges that were also adapted by Colt to their Single Action Army (Peacemaker) revolvers to allow for ammunition compatibility on the frontier. She’s not much of a looker, but if you have been hankering for a “real” ’73, she’s about as close as you are going to get, and she actually says Winchester on the side. D. This Winchester 1873 Rifle – Special Order, serial #274601B, is in overall fine condition. Dakota Single Action Revolver parts, Obsolete Marlin Rifle Parts, Obsolete Colt Revolver Parts, Obsolete Lever Action Winchester Parts. MP0444 Rear Sight Elevator For 1873, 1876,1886, & 1892 Winchester Rifle & Carbine & Marlin 39' Lever Action . Winchester 1873 73 Rifle Buttstock Rear Stock Good Shape Original. Winchester Model 1873 Parts . Winchester Repeating Arms Company ceased the main production line of this shotgun in 1960 and the Model 21 was sourced to the Winchester Custom Shop until the gun's retirement in 1991. The dust cover rail is inscribed “S. WINCHESTER 1873 IS'THE GUN THAT WON THE WEST' Part Description: ORIGINAL LEVER LATCH WITH SPRING AND PIN FOR WINCHESTER 1873 RIFLE. It is somewhat strange though, the thumb guards, trigger, hammer. It was just sitting in bucket of other junk, no other 1873 parts I don't think, except perhaps a rusted and ruined butt plate. LOL. 3 Positive. Feel free to ask any questions or for additional photos if needed. ” Jun 16, 2011 · I have not seen this topic addressed in the Forum. 22 Caliber. Your email address will not be published. May 11, 2006 There aren’t many levergunners who do not love the ‘73 Winchester. Good wood and the metal has been cleaned down to grey. Be sure to also measure six inches down from the top of the gun butt towards the sight. Whoever installed it, filed it down to fit over the lower tang and then filed off the left side tang screw! The tang was only held on with one screw on the right side. Winchester's Model 1873 was the “Rifle that Won the West. The Winchester Model 1873 was one of the main claimants to the title “The Gun That Won the West”. Far far above the norm for an ANTIQUE 1873. 357 Magnum. 22 Rimfire Rifle Our Price: $4. See pics for more details. 44-40 Rifle. The Winchester Model 21 is a deluxe side by side shotgun. Buy Beretta 1873 Renegade Right Side Plate Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. This set is in good original shape and is mainly a blue/gray patina finish. Model 1873 Deluxe Sporting 2018 SHOT Show Special —Lever-action Model 1873 rifle with a classic color case-hardened finish, grade V/VI walnut stock and forearm, 24" blued half octagon/half round barrel, and unique pistol grip style. Jul 07, 2006 · Of the two, Winchester was by far the dominant force in the marketplace. Beautiful 2nd model ’73 carbine, gilt and nickel-plated with fine, about 60% coverage, Ulrich style engraving on the receiver, dust cover and buttplate tang. 44/40 (marked 44 W. over the chamber), as used in both carbines and six guns revolvers of the era. Jul 02, 2015 · In this video I'll show you how to field strip a Henry rifle. 44 caliber bullet propelled by 40 grains of black powder. Identification of this deluxe Model 1873 rifle with unique sights and other special order features to a prominent 19th Century shooter and author A. This Winchester ’73 rifle features an octagon barrel with all standard features as verified by factory letter (included). Made in 1882. Then please advise me and I will invoice you when you are ready. W73305, SIDE PLATE SCREW BELOW SERIAL # 90,000 ( 1st MODEL ) 6-48  Works in Uberti made Model 1866, Model 1873, and Henry Rifles. W73027, BUTTPLATE SLIDE SPRING RIFLE HAS THREADED HOLE, OUT W73122, LADDER SIGHT COMPLETE CAL. Not sure of the fit? For a correct fit our craftsman recommends using string to measure around the base of the butt-plate. instagram. Please use the photos to help your judgement and decision making. The wood has a few scattered small dings. $ 225. Cowboy Action Gun Parts, Uberti Replica Rifle Parts, Bowboy Lever Action Gun Stocks, Old Colt Pistol Parts, Derringer Gun Parts W15 WINCHESTER 1873 SRC;Desirable 44 cal. Cody Senior) just ahead of the butt plate. Cal. 9. Winchester 534259141 1873 Deluxe Sporter Top tang is drilled and tapped for optional peep sight; Side plates receiver lever forearm cap and butt plate all color Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle in . Feb 17, 2014 · I have no idea why! As a result, I have a review for you to take a look at if you're interested. WINCHESTER 1873 SRC Description: Desirable 44 caliber. 357 Magnum cartridges. One side plate was removed for the photos, but you can see there is not a whole lot of structure to the frame. W1113 ATLANTA POLICE WINCHESTER MODEL 1873; 44 WCF caliber 24 inch octagon barrel with full magazine. In order to shoot normal pressure loads, the scope must be set to the far right side of the barrel. https://www. Crisp action. This was a working man’s gun and it shows. Very bright shiny bore. Uberti Side Plate Screw 1873 All Models. This Now you can own the real thing - a genuine Winchester Repeating Arms Model 73. PACO "Brothers First and Second, Chickaway Indians, saw the bushwacker on the roof of the hotel, looking down in the street, aiming a rifle at their friend The Drifter. Sort by Grid View List View. The Army’s decision to standardise on . The 1873 Winchester is often called the gun that won the west. 22. Educational Zone #126 – Interesting Firearms – The 1873 Winchester Rifle. Winchester Model 1873 Toggle Link, Left Side $ 90 00. Very hard to find a first model Winchester 1873 carbine in any kind of condition, much less an original nickel gun. The 'Third Model' receiver with dust cover and integral rail, factory engraved in the Ulrich style with bold foliate-scrollwork on a stippled background, the right side-plate with a vignette depicting a Californian grizzly bear stamped S. Description: This is an unmarked vintage Winchester 1876 folding express rear sight. Required fields are marked * AA Action Gun Parts for Cowboy Gun Parts, Replica Gun Parts, Winchester Gun Parts. 44 WCF s/n 3414 mfg 1875 - 24" octagon barrel, full mag, blued frame w/impressed thumbprint dustcover, set trigger, sporting front & rear sights, straight grain uncheckered walnut stocks, case hardened crescent buttplate. Uberti 1873 Rifle Parts. Butt stock has a nice figure, better the normal. You have a Winchester 1873 Rifle made in . 20XXX, so I believe it to be a 1st model. Lever latch is in good shape. 1873 UBERTI WINCHESTER . It has an iconic place in American sporting culture and has been held in high regard by shooters since it was introduced in 1936, earning the moniker "The Rifleman's Rifle". HI- I purchased an 1873 Winchester, 38-40. Winchester Model 1873 Right Side Plate $ 115 00. 45, replaced the  Winchester rifle is a comprehensive term describing a series of lever-action repeating rifles In 1873 Winchester introduced the steel-framed Model 1873 chambering the more potent Nelson King's improved patent remedied flaws in the Henry rifle by incorporating a loading gate on the side of the frame and integrating a  Winchester 1873 Deluxe Sporting Lever-Action Rifle finish; Grade V/VI walnut stock and forearm; Color case hardened steel receiver and butt plate Detachable box magazine; 6-lug rotating bolt head; Side ejection port; Transfer bar safety. What is the maximum range of an Uberti Winchester 1873 in . This screw is number 13 in the attached schematic. I just bought a Winchester 1873 off an older fellow that had it in his garage. Original Item: Only One Available. This is a great vintage cowboy saddle ring Winchester Model 1873 carbine in the most popular caliber of . Need parts for your 1873? Shop for Winchester Rifles 1873 parts today with Numrich Gun Parts. Nov 04, 2008 · An over one-hundred-year-old gun in my safe is a Winchester Model 1873 that left the factory in 1891. name in. The Model 1873 was based on Benjamin Tyler Henry's classic toggle-link action first used in the Henry rifle and later in the Winchester Models 1866, 1873 and 1876. This Winchester ’73 features a casehardened receiver, half magazine, shotgun butt (uncheckered steel) and a 24” octagon barrel. This is a very fine gun which retains about 90% overall bright blue starting to tone slightly. The process with Henry rifles and 1866 and 1873 Winchesters is very similar, but I will show you the differences. Features The serial number found on the side of the lower tang under the butt stock is 2281, which according to factory records indicates that this rifle was made in 1874. Features of the Winchester Model 1873 Rifle. The butt stock is short so that the length of pull is 10-3/4 inches. 00 1 x #124 - U0200124 Lever & Lifter Spring Screw + $4. A . Close Up Image of Left Side. In addition, the toggle link rifles basically have skeletonized frames, like my 1873. Winchester 1873 Dust Cover Winchester Rifles . $90 models 1873, 1876, 1892, 1894. The right-hand side of butt stock is marked “E. Some people are need it Winchester 1873 Dust Cover Winchester Rifles with the cheap price. This was a working man's gun and it shows. Meaning this rifle was built by Winchester and then shipped to Manton & Co. 00 Read more; Winchester 1892 Original Hammer and Both of these photographs picture this Winchester 1873 with several distinguishing features in each photo that uniquely identify this rifle to the one in Chief Rain-in-the-Face’s hand. Good The lower band has some flaking on top and there is an area of wear on the right side top of frame near the hammer. 50. They literally use the same part on both sides.   All Description The Winchester 21 Side By Side ShotGuns can be used for many many purposes. On the butt of the stock is a standard carbine-style butt plate. 220 inches. This is a new screw, made of tool steel and has an antique finish. Breaking point is Ser # 82900 Large Selection of Manufactured in 1884. Among Old West aficionados, two Winchester models really stand out: the Model 1873 and its John Moses Browning-designed successor, the Model 1892. Crescent butt plate. 44-40 caliber, 24 inch octagon barrel. 00 Guns in 44 and 38 caliber had a trap in the butt plate for storage of cleaning rods. 240 head diam I bought several antique Winchester lever actions, one of the Winchester is a 1876 deluxe with adjust trigger, I have sent to have this Winchester restore when I got this rifle back, I do not believe, the poor quality of the person/company quality are substandard, I talk to the they told me the reason of my side plate when they have color case hardening done, it will show the hammer forge Cowboy Action Shooters love the reliable Model 1873 because it fires the same ammo as their revolvers. Buying Winchester 1873 Dust Cover Winchester Rifles You can order Winchester 1873 Dust Cover Winchester Rifles after check, compare the costs and check day for shipping. This limited run SHOT Show Special for 2018 is a Lever-action Model 1873 rifle with a classic color case-hardened finish, grade V/VI walnut stock and forearm, 24" blued half octagon/half round barrel, and unique pistol grip style. 00 Add to cart; Winchester 1892 Carbine/Rifle Receivers $ 150. The gun is exceptional, both in condition and rarity, and is probably the only thing missing from several extensive Winchester collections. Select "SKU Listing" to see all stock numbers for this schematic. Navy Arms Winchester 1873 rifles are in production and shipping to fine stocking dealers nationwide, including being featured in Winchester 1866 vs 1873. Aug 28, 2010 · The barrel is plastic, I think, side plate, lever hammer, trigger, all metal The only bad casting is the trigger, lots of pits and flash, but overall, this is a A1 replica. Has had quite a bit of use. The left side of the receiver plate is faintly marked Calcutta. the silver nitride finished receiver side plates, lifter, dust cover, crescent butt plate and forearm cap   Originally built in 1883, this Model 1873 is a 3rd Model rifle that was restored by barrel, forend cap, sides of the hammer and lever, dust cover and butt plate. Some pitting to the side plate, receiver and bbl. 44-40 caliber with a 24” octagon barrel, full mag, rifle butt, S/N 415506B made in 1892. ” Winchester Model 1873 Saddle Ring Carbine 32-20 cal Bore near Exc strong rifling, Mech VG plus near exc, Wood VG plus near exc, has a couple faint initials on the right side of the stock. I opened up the side plate to look inside the action, and it looked very nice, but 4 oct. 45-70 calibre and Winchester revolutionised the repeating rifle world with the introduction of the centre fire Model 1873 with its reusable This was one of approximately 125 Model 1873 Winchester rifles ordered by the Atlanta Police Department in 1889-90 in two orders. 38-. The shotgun's initial production run from 1931 through 1960 yielded approximately 30,000 guns. 40 from a local gun collector. Cody”. The forearm cap, receiver, dust cover, hammer, lever and crescent butt-plate are color  Winchester Model 1873 150th Commemorative 44-40 Win. Good condition, missing dust cover. It has been dubbed "The Gun That Won The West", and was even the star in its own movie, where it was supported WARNING These products may contain or have come into contact with chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. First Model Rifle . Pulling out his knife, Lloyd unscrewed the 73's side plate, pried out the . The rifle is a Uberti 1873 - a direct reproduction of the Winchester 1873 in all respects other than the modern metallurgy and the fact that this one is in . " The Model 1873 was basically an 1866 improved by making the receiver from iron (later steel), instead of brass. The 1 of 1000 Winchester Model 1873 rifles are one of the ultimate prizes in Winchester collecting. 1873 - 1889 SPRINGFIELD BUTT PLATE WOOD SCREW, Top, Short For Buttplates With Trap, Original. Quickview MB0327 Stirrup For Original Henry Rifle & 1866, 1873,1876, 1886, 1892. Chambered for the same cartridges that fit the popular 1873 Peacemaker revolver, frontier “logistics” were solved. 95 Compare Description Uberti Factory Complete Screw Set (1873 Rifle) Mainspring Screw Mainspring Tension Screw, 2x Buttplate Screw, Tang Screw, 2x Forend Screw, 2x Lever Spring Screw, Lever Screw, Side Plate Screw 2x TG Screw, Powder Cover Screw, Trigger/Lever Screw, Loading Gate Screw The item you are viewing is a set of Custom Engraved Winchester 1873 Side-plates. SPECIAL 2) Carrying this style of rifle with a cartridge in the chamber can result in an acciden- tal discharge if . I am going to buy a uberti spring and see if it The Winchester Model 70 is a bolt-action sporting rifle. The legendary Colt Single Action Army revolver was made available for the first time. Winchester 1873 3rd Model Side Plate Screw: Reproduction screw made to the exact spec of the original. 00 Read more; Winchester 1890 22RF Rare Circa 1900 Receiver. The Winchester Model 1897, also known as the Model 97, M97, or Trench Gun, is a pump-action shotgun with an external hammer and tube magazine manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Winchester Pre 64 model 70, 71, 64, 52B, 52C, Steel Butt Plate Winchester Pre 64. No reviews. Part #62 Butt Plate Screw Charcoal Blue 200062B + $3. I picked up a Winchester 1873 receiver frame at a garage sale this weekend for $10. The fancy grade stock and forearm show light-moderate handling wear but remain in very fine overall condition with sharp checkering. Our Assessment: One of the most successful, and certainly one of the most famous Winchester rifles was the Winchester Model 1873, known as “The Gun that Won the West" for its predominant role in the hands of Western settlers. There's one screw on the opposite side of the receiver right here. Since the same cartridge fed both that model rifle and that model Winchester 1873 22 Caliber Side Plates Both Left And Right 73 Rifel Parts. 44 Winchester Center Fire) more commonly known nowadays as the . 38 WCF (38-40). The standard butt plate on the rifles was the classic crescent shape and carbines and muskets were offered with a modified shotgun style, with a full shotgun style as an option. This is a discussion on Winchester 1866 vs 1873 within the Ruger Lever-Action forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; Just received my Winchester 1866 yesterday. The base screw is present but May 11, 2006 · Chaparral’s Winchester 1873 Replica Lever Action Rifle by Jeff Quinn. I can provide a bright blue one on request. Buy Now! $99. Gould makes this a one-of-a-kind Model 1873 rifle worthy of a place in the finest firearms collection. TODAY. Winchester Model 1873 Carbine Rare, third model 44-40 carbine with 20" barrel, two barrel bands, distinct butt plate, and saddle ring mounted on left side. This rifle remains in fine condition with 80%-90% original blue finish fadingslightly with minor losses at edges and right side of the frame. Put the screw into the hole just enough to let the threads grip the edge. IN GENERAL, THE NEW Winchester Model 1873 carbine is just like the old version that a cowboy might have gotten back in the 1880s, with good but plain wood for the stocks and the rifle’s receiver blued like the barrel and other parts. 71. There were over 720,000 Model 1873 Winchester 's manufactured . The rifle has the Third Model receiver with integral dust cover rail and dust cover with serrated rear edges. A custom Machinist specializing in the manufacturing of replacement parts and custom parts for Winchester Model 73 firearms. Wood is very nice, sound, unsanded, no cracks or holes. Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle in . Enfield and Mauser. 2018 - Explora el tablero de estradavillavic "winchester 1873" en Pinterest. Documented Factory Inscribed Atlanta Police Winchester Model 1873 Rifle with Factory Letter This Winchester Model 1873 Rifle was manufactured in 1890. 61. This Winchester Model 1873 Rifle is fascinating. Anyone out there have one the'd like to part with? See photo below. Model 1873. 88 Stocks Made a early and late model. Remove them and the side plates will come off. It was first made chambered for the . The actual lever screw to take off the side plates are clean the gun. Thread size is 3/16 x 36 and overall length is 1. This beautifully engraved rifle is truly a work of art. w w w . I am not taking apart the trigger pack in this video. Winchester Model 1873 Carrier Lever $ 55 00. s. Model 1873, "The gun that won the west" The Winchester 1873 was made in rifles, carbines and muskets. Buy Winchester Model 94 Parts Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. Most of the carbines and muskets were of standard configuration but many rifles had features such as fancy wood, pistol grip, checking, longer or shorter barrel length, heavier barrel weight, octagon or half octagon barrel (round was standard), matted barrel, shotgun butt, Swiss butt, sling Winchester 1873 Side Plate Set Right And Left Matching 3rd Model. Part Description: Vintage Original Winchester 1873 Right & Left side plate. 1. Still functions rather well. H. Winchester Model 1892 Lever Action Rifle Parts. Has a 20” rd barrel with excellent winchester address patent date and caliber markings, also has original sights. Inlaid into the right side of the buttstock is a rectangular brass plate bearing the all caps legend “First Prize / Centennial Rifle Shoot / Won By—Dodge City, Kansas / July 4th 1876,” which relates to the movie storyline. Lever Action Rifle The gun metal is mostly smooth brown with a small (dime size) patch of rust on right side plate. This is the . C. Winchester 1873 Side Plate Set Right and Left Matching 3rd Model #Hunting. All features resemble the first model 1873, which is impossible to fake, but the serial number rang eis 4,000 guns after Flayderman’s says the first model production ceased. Decent rifling, a few spots of pitting and some roughness. Some pitting to the side plate, receiver and barrel. Side Plate Screw. This is the screw that holds on the side plate on the FIRST and second model Winchester 1873. Winchester Parts 1890 1894 Mod 12 Remington Buttplate Stocks Gun 1894 1906 1895 1873 antique screw 62A model buttplate Replacement and original parts for Winchesters and other antique firearms plus Jimenez Bryco Jennings, including firing pins, magazine tubes, barrels, receivers, takedown manuals, butt plates and screws, grips stocks and more. I am pleased to announce that International shipping of parts for the 1897 shotguns, original and replica models, has been reviewed and found to be legal for Classic Old West Arms to resume shipments of these parts to MOST over seas customers. It also had the easy-loading King's patent loading gate on the right side of the receiver as did the 1866. They made fewer 1873’s in . A plum color coming through in areas. Each Buttstock Cover is designed for a specific type of rifle or shotgun, ensuring a perfect fit to compliment your equipment. There is considerable debate on the sheer speed you can run an 1873 do to the inline nature of the cartridge and bore vs. This Winchester 1873 rifle 38 caliber was considered the “Magnum” of the Wild West era as it reached velocities in excess of 1,000 feet per second. All these features are verified with a factory SPECTACULAR ENGRAVED WINCHESTER MODEL 1873 SADDLE RING CARBINE. Wood is very To remove the left (top) side plate after removing the two screws, you may have to use the side plate screw. I got in touch with the Winchester/browning parts dept. Illustration courtesy of Winchester Repeating Arms. The shortest known barrel length on a Model 1873 is 12 This rifle had a saddle ring added to it at some point. Serial #186384B. Set consists of 1-lever screw, 1-side plate screw, and 2-action spring screws. Out of stock. I was flabbergasted when he informed me that all the current Miroku/Winchester 1866 and 1873 rifles all come with a right side carrier spring installed on the left side. Can not seem to find any references online to this barrel to get any ideas as to the value. This rifle had belonged to my Great Grandfather and I’ve been fortunate to get it back into the family. Original Finish has turned Patina. $ 120. Standard grade second Model ’73 with 24- 1/4″ oct bbl, full magazine, combination front sight, orig, short, semi-buckhorn rear sight with checkered edges & thick based sporting rear sight with 4″ staff. Jun 25, 2017 · Description: Engraved Winchester Third Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle with Factory Letter Broad leaf scroll with punch dot background on the receiver, dust cover, cartridge elevator and wedges on the top barrel flat. (it is a 6-48 thread) This will not work on 3rd model- the correct screw for rifles with a ser Replacement and original parts for Winchesters and other antique firearms plus Jimenez Bryco Jennings, including firing pins, magazine tubes winchester 1st2nd model side plates with screw in good cond. com/targetpopper/ Cimarron Uberti 1873 Rifle Parts Part #97 Breech Bolt Assembly Mod 1873 Cal. the angle entry of the 1892. 1362A Correct Plastic Butt Plate$20. Here we present an antique Engraved Winchester Model 1866 Third Model Lever Action Rifle, made circa 1874. 92-93% original nickel finish. This Winchester manufactured butt plate is for the model 1892 saddle ring carbine I am looking for a side/lock plate for a 1873 H&R Trapdoor Officers model. Whether you are shooting a replica of an 1873 Winchester Rifle, an original or replica 1897 Winchester Pump Shotgun, or a Side-by-Side Shotgun, we have the Buttstock Cover to help you keep that firearm protected and on This amazingly rare engraved Winchester Model 1873 44-40 WCF Silver Plated rifle hosts the 24" octagon blued barrel, blued magazine tube, fancy select wood walnut stock, fancy select wood walnut forearm, silver plated butt plate, silver plated receiver, silver plated forend cap, factory engraved by Conrad Ulrich, case color hammer, case color 1873-1889 Springfield (45/70) 1873 Winchester; 1885 Winchester; 1895 Winchester Lee Navy; Winchester Hotchkiss; Winchester Model 61; Winchester Model 62; Winchester Model 86; Winchester Model 90/06; Winchester Model 92; Winchester Model 94; Winchester Model 97; 1903 Springfield; 1903 Rod Bayonet Springfield; 1908-1913 Telescopic Sight; 1917 Welcome. The stock is plain walnut with a straight grip, and the forearm is plain and capped. My wife kicked me off her Ebay account. Winchester 1873 73 . I was "Bunterhunter" 779 Feedback 99. Be the first to review “Winchester 1873 Lever Action Left Side Plate. The rifle has a German silver blade front sight, the two-line factory address on top of the barrel, u-notch sporting rear sight, silver plated and engraved frame and furniture which includes a buffalo head on the right side plate and "WINCHESTER REP ARMS CO. 00 Winchester 1873 Lever Action Left Side Plate. Dust cover held in place by grooved guides on either side: Butt Plate metal and Crescent shaped: Oct 29, 2014 · The long awaited Winchester Model 73, made by Miroku in Japan (as are all other Winchester and Browning firearms). I just purchased the same rifle, Winchester Model 1873 . 86 Part # 73 Right Side Plate Case Hardened 240073 + $58. 0200123. 42 caliber cartridge, serial number 8626, all visible serial numbers matching. 44-40 'Model 1873' lever-action rifle by Winchester No serial number visible, customised, the 'Second Model' receiver with dust-cover and screwed-on rail, the left side-plate with a vignette of whitetail buck in natural surroundings, the right side-plate with another whitetail buck, the action with full bold foliate-scrollwork on a stippled background, retaining some later gold Be the first to review “Winchester 1873 Short Rifle 44-40 Lever Action Rifle, 20″ Barrel, Blue Finish – Winchester 534202140” Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a review. Round panel on the left side plate with a running deer. Notice that the left link 1873 Uberti or Winchester-Miroku Rifle 1866 Uberti Rifle 1873 & 1866 Carbine. Nimschke. For a couple of years Winchester made 1873 & 1876 rifles without dust covers  1873 RIFLE. Winchester 1873 Parts: Winchester Model 1873 3rd Matched Pair of Side Plates. Full octagon barrels on a “button magazine” are a very rare feature. Very Good condition with nice Patina. considerable original varnish remains. It is smaller than a late 2nd or 3rd model screw. Jun 11, 2009 · The side plates should have 1 screw on each side. 1 x 1873 Carbine & Rifle Screw Kit - Uberti (0275SCR) +$40. Winchester 1873 rifle. 32-20 WITH MODEL 1873 ON . 44WCF cartridge (i. The pattern used on these side-plates was from a gun engraved by the famous 1800 engraver L. Metal is silver gray to plum overall, crescent butt wood, some screws replaced, lever catch replaced, original early buckhorn sight has had its “ears lowered. $8. e. Remington Rolling Block Single Shot Rifle, . photography by Jeff Quinn. Most screws untouched, left sideplate screw has been turned/burred with circular gouging around screwhead on the side plate. Lucky me the bore was in killer shape, rifle is in 90%, made in 1885. and others. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact me by email and thanks for viewing my auction. Customised, the 'Third Model' receiver profusely relief-engraved with bold foliate-scrollwork on a stippled gold-finished background, the right side-plate with a vignette of a bear in its natural surroundings, the left side-plate with a large panel depicting a bear hunting scene, the right front flat with the Russian Imperial coat of arms, the left front flat with a vignette containing CA Jan 27, 2012 · I have a winchester 1873 with a 30" heavy "Buffalo " barrel. 1873 - 1889 SPRINGFIELD SIDE PLATE SCREW, Original. Winchester 1873 Parts: Winchester Model 1873 Butt Plate from a 22 RF Octagon Barreled Rifle made in 1890. 44 Winchester Centerfire, AKA . The Model 1873 had a steel frame that was much stronger than the brass framed Model 1866, allowing Winchester to As nice as it is, I would take an 1892 ANY DAY OF THE WEEK AND TWICE ON SUNDAY over an 1873. 22 short), and this was the first model Winchester ever made in . Both sides of the buttstock are stamped “S. you couls also The 1873 Winchester rifle retained the butter-smooth action of its predecessors; the Henry and the 1866. Hi I am new to this forum but it looks like a good one and I am shure you all can help me out. Its a 2nd Model in the 69,000 range with a special order 30" octagon barrel and set trigger. Winchester 1873 Finger Lever and Carrier Lever Springs W Screws Winchester 1873 Winchester 1873, 1st Model S/N 2224, . All Model 1873 rifles have the Winchester touch of quality. Left side of lower tang has the assembly number “405”, which number is also found in escaping gasses would bulge or rupture the side plates, disabling the rifle. Shooting the Lever Guns of the Old West Book-Winchester & Marlin-1873 1894 1895 side plates left and right for winchester 1873 rifle or carbine 73. w i n c h e s t e r b o b . The 1873 was offered in produced for nearly 50 years with over 720,000 firearms produced in three basic variations known as First, Second and Third models. Tried to post this in the for sale but could not access that Thread. Military and comercial. Description. Nice Original Part. Antique Winchester Model 1866 Lever Action Rifle. $ 245. It started out as a 3/4 magizine rifle but was cut down to the lengh of the magizine. WINCHESTER 1873 RIFLE Description: 24 inch full octagon barrel chambered in 38 WCF caliber with a full length mag tube. I got it for a $100. The top of the barrel and receiver have a Winchester factory oval proof indicating that the rifle was returned to the factory to be refurbished. 00 Read more; Winchester 1873 Toggle Sets $ 169. We can now process your credit card using ( PayPal Only ) and there is a 4% up charge for this service. 00 · Winchester 1873 side plate screw, new style . Would you like to be alerted when the item becomes available again? Please enter your email address and quantity below and we will send you an alert when the item becomes available. On the 73 Winchester, the side plate screw is not a short screw that holds on one  Educational Zone #126 – Interesting Firearms – The 1873 Winchester Rifle I took off the side plate and was impressed to find that the internals of the rifle's  2018 SHOT Show Special —Lever-action Model 1873 rifle with a classic color peep sight; Side plates, receiver, lever, forearm cap and butt plate all color case  Winchester 22 Gun Stocks, Winchester 22 Rifle Sights, Winchester 22 Magazines . All model 1873's manufactured after serial number 525923 are considered modern and are subject to all the BATF Federal guide lines including back ground checks. There are a number of good reference books about the Winchester Model 1873 including “ The Winchester Book”, by George Madis and the definitive work, “ Winchester’s New Model 1873” by Jim Gordon. Winchester 1873 mortise cover spring screw #26-9673 Winchester 1873 side plate screw, new style . f a rifle can be nostalgic, it’s hard to argue against the Winchester 1873 lever-action rifle being crowned king of the sentimental hill. Most SASS shooter think a well tuned 1873 is better. 00 1 x Set Of (2) Hardened Lever/Lifter Spring Screws (1873. We compiled a list of the best rifles, shotguns and handguns of all time. I consider it a companion to my 1884 vintage Colt Frontier Six Shooter Model 1873 revolver; both are chambered for the . There is also some light spotting on the rear edge of the right side of the frame and around the upper edges of the right side frame plate. Although I've shot 1892 models a lot, I know next to nothing about the 1873. Winchester 1873 Deluxe Sporting Rifle - Lever-action Model 1873 rifle with a classic color case-hardened finish, grade V/VI walnut stock and forearm, 24 blued half octagon/half round barrel, and unique pistol grip style. The rifle had not been shot in 30years, the last time was when my dad had borrowed it from my Grandpa when I was a youngster to use for deer hunting. Winchester 1873 First Model Saddle Ring Carbine. That doesn't seem right. c o m - Quality parts for Winchester Model 73 firearms Winchester’s Model 1873 was the “Rifle that Won the West. Sight is blued; strongest on base and bottom with the ladder now nearly all gun metal gray patina. Winchester 1873 44-40 opened the side plates and looked at the toggle linkage do yourself and your carbine a big favor and do so. It has threaded holes for spring cover screw and side plate screw. 357 calibur? I have a 24 barrel. I was given a really badly rusted winchester 1873 recently. I have for sale a side plate screw for an 1873 Winchester 1st and early 2nd model rifles (up to serial number 90,000). The Model 1873 was not only incredibly popular with hunters, farmers, ranchers, lawmen, and outlaws for its iconically smooth action, but also because the 1873 has few internal parts, and by simply removing the side-plates, the firearm becomes incredibly easy to clean and repair. The butt plate is a Crescent metal type with a compartment for a cleaning rod. It was too low and it interfered with the lower tangs left side screw. Ready to be installed. LLSC) + $9. 44 caliber bullet  11 Dec 2003 Winchester called it, simply, the New Model of 1873. #26-10873 n. Goodall”. If you are buying multiple items and would like combined discounted shipping. Sights are pretty rudimentary, post front with a semi buckhorn style rear that flips up to become a ladder site, not that you would ever use it. 1 x #123 - U0240123 Side Plate Screw + $4. Fully Engraved & Inscribed to Noble Spanish Family. 1873 Uberti or Winchester-Miroku Rifle 1866 Uberti Rifle 1873 & 1866 Carbine. In total around 720,000 Model 1873 rifles were made over a production span that began in 1873 and ended in 1923 My gun is a . this set is complete with loading gate and screws. From 1873 through 1924, almost 721,000 M1873 carbines and rifles were produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company of New Haven, Connecticut. 25 Cimarron Uberti 1873 Rifle Parts. The left side plate is factory engraved: "66/Atlanta Police" in bold script letters. winchester 1873 side plate